Do you schedule lessons back to back?

No, lessons are spaced at least 15 minutes apart deliberately.  My goal is to provide a pressure free, encouraging environment. Students have 100% of my attention for the full allotted time.  In other words, if a student finishes late, you will still receive your full lesson.


What’s the age range of your current students?

9 to 70.


Do you provide receipts for income tax purposes?

I am happy to provide receipts upon request.


I want to use my electric guitar.  Do I need to bring an amp?

No, I have a small amp available for students to use.  You are welcome to bring your own amp if you prefer.


What other ways can the lesson time be utilized?

  • Recording covers of your favourite tunes and/or original music
  • Learning about production.


Do you offer group classes?

I am open to teaching mini-groups such as parent and child, siblings, etc.


Other questions?  Please contact me here.







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