Beginner Guitar for Seniors

Retired or need a new hobby?  Have you considered beginner guitar lessons?

Studying guitar has many benefits.  Here are a couple of quick thoughts:

  • Learning requires concentration so studying new material in stages will help keep your brain sharp.
  • Guitar and/or music helps to alleviate stress and anxiety.   An instrument is simply a great way to shift your focus to a positive outlet.
  • Fret and pick hand movement help to maintain hand and finger flexibility.
  • Spending time with an instructor or other musicians is an opportunity for social interaction.
  • Discovering guitar and developing your musical skills can be very rewarding.

I have several students between the ages of 60 and 70 who are embracing guitar as their ‘new found hobby’.

It’s never too late to enjoy music. 60, 70, 80…whatever your age.

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