Lesson Benefits

There are many directions to go on the guitar.  As a beginner, you may not really know what you want to accomplish on the instrument.  I can give you some guidance to help you decide what you will enjoy most.

Here are some goals to consider:

     Strum along to any chord based song:

Learn common open chords, some rythym and start playing your favourite tunes.

     Improve your jamming ability:

Understand common progressions so that you can apply rythym guitar sensibly.  Learn how to incorporate interesting chord variations, triads, etc. so that you can enhance the main progression or other guitar part (s).

     Guitar Soloing (lead):

Learn practical soloing concepts to get you playing in different keys with confidence.  Once you gain some fretboard freedom, you’ll be able to improvise and come up with interesting music (riffs, melodies, etc).

     Write your own music:

If your goal is to write songs, I can help you get a handle on the theory and structure behind a typical tune.  We can even arrange and record your orginal music right here at my studio.

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