Skype Lessons

If you live in a rural area, have limited time or simply prefer the comfort of your own home then skype may be the solution for you.  Skype has some limitations and benefits.  Here are a couple of thoughts:


  • Convenience.  There’s no travelling so you (and/or your parents) will save time.
  • You can practice immediately while concepts are still fresh.
  • Most importantly, you still have the human exchange of information and ideas!


  • I can’t  physically work with hand placement, however, coaching combats this to some degree.
  • You need a reasonably fast internet connection.
  • Other family members will need to refrain from using the internet for the duration of the lesson.
  • Audio/video quality is okay, however, there is a slight lag between some internet connections.
  • Home distractions can be an issue and need to be considered.

What do you need?

  • A computer with a decent webcam and microphone.   Most newer computers (last 5 years) have  mics and webcams built in.  Those should be fine.
  • Headphones are also useful.
  • A paypal account (free).  In short, I send you a link via your email address and you simply click the link. This takes you to my invoice page.  You select the ‘payment’ option and follow the prompts as you would for any on line purchase.  Payment in advance is required.
  • You will also need to install skype (free).
If you have questions about skype lessons or would like to book a free trial lesson, click here.

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