“Through taking lessons with Daniel Scarsella, I have been able to take my playing to the next level. ¬†Daniel’s professional demeanor and knowledgeable guidance have made learning not only comfortable but fun. ¬†As a result of Daniel’s guidance, my personal song writing skills have benefited greatly.

Daniel focuses on the application of skills in the real world rather than forcing unnecessary material. Daniel also provides exceptional care with regard to providing the experience YOU require/ desire, rather than only teaching what he wishes too; This creates a human feeling rather than a paint by numbers music lesson program.

In addition to guitar, Daniel also has many skills surrounding music which he is happy to share. These skills include multiple instruments, as well as basic recording techniques to help you find your sound.

Personally, I greatly recommend Daniel Scarsella to anyone who wishes to begin learning an instrument or anyone who wishes to simply round the edges of their playing. I have had a wonderful experience and I am sure you will as well.

Ricky Moore”

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